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Retail Therapy

I forgot a key element in my last post about how things are overall in the decent-to-fab zone--retail therapy!

It had been a while since I'd been to the record store, so after my incredibly positive day at work on Friday, I decided it was time for a treat (or two or three...).

Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy: Immortal Memory
Lisa Gerrard just plain rocks. I finally got around to listening to this last night, and am blown away by how beautiful it is. Some of it's in Gaelic, much is sung in Aramaic. All of it is gorgeous. Overall, I like it better than "The Mirror Pool", and I even think it's better than "Duality," her collaboration with Pieter Bourke, which to me had too many low points for the good tracks to balance out. But this one is definitely worth a listen!

Caia: The Magic Dragon
Groovy chillout, the kind of stuff that makes me really happy to listen to while cooking and dining. I discovered this on the iTunes Music Store and decided that I liked it enough to buy "the real thing." I'm glad I did. It segues decently into Talvin Singh's "Anokah: Sounds of the Asian Underground", which is the next disc in my CD player right now.

The Cure: Join the Dots: B-Sides and Rarities
Four discs of wacky Cure B-sides and rare tracks, spanning 1978 through 2001, in a lovely box set from Rhino (well, and other labels too, but Rhino's excellent box set production skills are quite evident). Very high production values all around -- the audio is clean and gorgeous, the box and art are great, and the enclosed book(let) mixes photos, crazy art, and very thorough liner notes (including bits culled from interviews with Robert and company). The real treats are some unreleased mixes from Bloodflowers and the Greatest Hits acoustic session, plus a new version of "A Forest" that I quite liked. Most of what's on the set I already had (through CD singles, soundtracks, bootleg collections, and MP3's), and I'm glad that what is there is there, as it's most of the available material. What do I still want to be officially released? All of the various extended mixes from the 12" singles (specifically, I'm aching for the extended version of "Just One Kiss", but I'd also like to see things like the extended "Why Can't I Be You?"), the Lost Wishes instrumentals, and the epic tape-loop majesty of Carnage Visors. Some of the demo versions would be cool too, like the different versions of "Primary". But if you don't already have a ton of obscure Cure stuff on CD, this set is definitely worth your time and money.

The Critic (DVD)
It STINKS! I've been dying for this to come out on DVD for ages. Now, of course, I need to find the time to watch it. I was kind of sad to realize how few episodes were produced...

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