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All Systems Go

Once again, I've let everything else distract me from posting for a few days, and now nothing is quite as fresh as it would have been. Oh well, let's play catch-up anyway!

Overall, things are good. Work is still really stressful as we prepare for Valentine's Day, but a string of really good days has somewhat restored some karmic balance to my life. I had my review on Friday, and it was downright excellent, which always feels good. While there are no open positions that I could be promoted to, it sounds like there is a decent chance at better-than-typical financial compensation this year, which also feels great.

Friday's "Monk" was a self-referentially delightful gem.

Saturday, the weather was clear and truly sunny (at least on our side of town) for the first time in weeks. We took the opportunity to run around town on errands that are just too much of a hassle when the roads are bad. We finalized the specs on the sliding door for the kitchen project, finalized our choice of appliances, stopped at Heather's Heat & Flavor for some spices and salsas, got a sample quote on appliances from B&B;, took the cat to the vet for a checkup, and picked up some meat at K&K; (local butcher) for doing the cooking magic.

[info]aquamindy made bitchin' turkey and black bean chili that afternoon using a variety of peppers, some hotter than others. A liberal sprinkling of little "firecracker" pequin peppers and a dash of ground habanero savina filled out the flavor nicely. We then left it to sit overnight, because the only thing better than homemade chili is homemade chili once it's had a day or so to really grow into itself.

I followed up the chili preparation with a wicked-fun little chicken stir-fry. Chicken, onion, ginger, more little pequin peppers, five-spice, bell peppers, broccoli, fresh pineapple (mmm!), Szechuan sauce, sesame seeds... Over a mix of jasmine and saffron rice... Served with the wondrously tasty Bell Viognier, it was a sinus-clearing taste extravaganza!

Dinner was followed by a phone chat with my parents (hi, Mom, hi, Dad!), and then Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and popcorn (flavored with a little of one of the spice rubs we'd picked up at Heather's earlier in the day).

Sunday we slept late, did laundry, and hung around the house. [info]aquamindy perfectly complemented her chili with what has to be the world's best cornbread recipe (delightful with a bit of honey from my coworker Mike's hives). Had a nice little budget Cab/Shiraz blend with dinner that was an affable match, quite nice. We then spent the evening snuggled on the couch, ignoring the game and watching the commercials. Sadly, I must confess that I was too busy being disgusted by how awful the halftime show was (damn kids and their crappy music these days!) to even notice the little Janet Jackson "tempest in a C-cup" incident. By the time I heard about it, our TiVo cache of it was long, long gone.

Let's see... what else?

I finally started reading Fast Food Nation; I expect to be shocked, awed, and deeply bothered by it shortly.

I'm making some more progress figuring out Twisted, but what should be painfully obvious about how to set up the reverse proxy magic to properly integrate with Apache is still eluding me. I suspect I'll have to fire off the obligatory "Hi, I'm new, please flame me" post to the mailing list...

And Liz and I are finally going to Three Birds tonight! So I get to fend off the "where are you interviewing" comments all day long, since I won't have time to go home and get spiffy before dinner.

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