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Frustration, New Directions

Some of you know, some of you don't; in my spare time I am tinkering on some web stuff to track various collectible passions in our household (CD's, DVD's, and most importantly, wine). In the interest of being all open-sourcey and filled with love for free software, I've been experimenting with Zope and MySQL (the latter of which I have some experience with from a couple years ago).

So, Zope is cool, does lots of cool stuff, yadda yadda yadda... But I've finally learned enough about it that I realize that working with it in the way that I want to is going to amount to endless hours of beating my head against a wall. And it's not even a pretty wall.

Dave Stanek (coworker extraordinaire) pointed me to Twisted, a Python framework for quickly whipping up all manner of lightweight server-type-things, and it looks pretty interesting. The more I read of the documentation and sample things, the more I am seriously considering switching my development efforts over to doing a site or sites based on Twisted.Web. This is frustrating as I've spent entirely too many hours reading up on and playing with Zope in an attempt to sufficiently grok it, but immensely promising in that it looks like Twisted won't impose the same restrictions on coding style or structure that Zope does.

So... Yeah. Guess I'm going to install Twisted and give it a try. Right after my massive, three-weeks-overdue emerge -u world finishes... :-P

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