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Thank You, Patriot Act!

I missed's webcast of their "Bush in 30 Seconds" shin-dig, but finally did get a chance to see all of the finalists.

While there were some not-very-good ones in the 1500+ that were submitted, some pretty impressive ads came out of the contest as well. Many, especially (most of) the finalists, are worth your time to check out. Particularly good were "Child's Play", "In My Country", "Polygraph", "What Are We Teaching Our Children", "Human Cost of War", "Desktop" (for you fellow Mac geeks), "Bankrupt", "Bush's Repair Shop", "Pop Quiz", "Al Keyda", and "Bring It On".

I was also amused by the concept of "If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate", but it needed a little more zing than it had.

Oh, and since it seems to be the meme du jour...

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