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Your Favorite Darth Vader Line Here

Here's how I spent (wasted?) the end of 2003.

I finally built my LEGO Star Destroyer. While listening to the BBC Lord of the Rings series.

It took the better part of two days.

The third day, December 31, last day of 2003, was spent producing this:

The small version is the least painful download, but the text (especially the credits) is nigh-unreadable. The sound kind of sucks on the small version too. I put it all together with iMovie, which I really hadn't had a decent excuse to play with thus far. I am a little disappointed with certain aspects of the software (hard to get decent-quality output that's a reasonable size to post online; "centered" titles are anything but; scrolling blocks of text have no limit on input but will only actually render so many characters of output; and things sometimes preview differently than they are actually rendered, like the rolling credits that all line up nicely in the preview and look like garbage once rendered...), but it's free, and it served its purpose of letting me be a complete and utter geek, and in the end, I guess that's what's important. I suppose by the time Liz and I start having kids, I'll need to get FinalCut Pro or something a little more prime-time.

If you'd rather not spend your days downloading huge, self-indulgent QuickTime movies, here are some highlights:

My thumbs still kind of hurt.

I think I will be taking a break from LEGOs for a while.


Probably a good idea.

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