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Weather, Tex, Photos

Someone check the weather forecast for Hell, because we've had two gloriously sunny days in a row here in Cleveland, with temperatures in the low-to-mid-50's. That by itself is absolutely delightful, but what's really astounding is that it was this nice on a weekend. The universe just isn't supposed to work like this!

After a couple minutes of laying in bed watching the world be sunny and nice outside, I realized that today would be the perfect day to put the last coat of paint onto the windows. I certainly didn't expect to be able to have the windows open all day until spring, so it was a real treat. And the feeling of accomplishment this evening when the blue tape came off was really quite nice. All that's left now are the muntin bars, which must still be primed and painted, but they'll be easy to take care of this week.

Between the window painting but prior to the masking tape ceremonies, we met up with [info]texodore at a coffee shop in North Olmsted. He and his wife are headed back to North Carolina tomorrow, so our schedules only barely overlapped. We had a great time getting caught up; safe journeys home, Jeff.

To wrap this up, how about a couple of photos from Christmas and my happy happy windows?

Andy, Lauren, and ShannyAndy, Lauren, and Shanahan (aka "Shanny")

The makings of a tasty holiday feast
The makings of a tasty holiday feast...

Shanny wants turkey too!
Shanny wants turkey too...

Posing with the monkeyAndy, Lauren, Shanny, and the sad, sad little chew-monkey pose in front of the tree

Free at last!Free (of blue tape) at last!

Liz removes blue tapeLiz gets into the act

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