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One More Sleep Till Christmas

Technically, it's Christmas now, since it's the middle of the night. But as the theory goes, it's never really the next day until you sleep for more than an hour or two. Now, operating on that basis, it means that it won't really be Christmas for all of us for another half a day. We're in Ann Arbor, at Andy and Lauren's house, and she's on what they call "Santa Watch" tonight at the ER, midnight to nine. Once she gets back, eats, and sleeps for awhile... Then it will be time for some hard-core gift opening.

Oh, yeah... :-)

Shanahan the yellow lab is delighted with the chew toy that we picked out for him. It's blue, hard rubber, with lots of odd-shaped knobby things to chew on, and little wiggly bits that are supposed to be good for his teeth. He's in heaven.

(I suspect he's not really a dog, just a localized manifestation of the Law of Conservation of Energy. Ever wonder where all the energy goes as you get older, when stars are sucked into black holes, and so forth? It's this dog-shaped force of nature, I tell you. He's off the hook!)

We were originally going to drive up last night, but that didn't work out too well once it became apparent that I was going to be cheerleading and hand-holding at work until almost nine PM. Then we were going to be heading out around ten this morning, but due to UPS's complete inability to cope with customer service requests, we had to stick around the house to intercept a perishable package that had been overnighted to us about five days late. This gave us some time to finish packing up Santa's Sleigh--Liz's mom had shipped all the presents for Andy, Lauren, and ourselves to our house rather than risking their premature opening--and take care of some things around the house. This meant that we ended up leaving around two, and that we got the snow at the front of the journey instead of the middle. Astoundingly, as we rounded a corner and turned towards Michigan, not only did the snow cease, but the fog lifted, and roads were startlingly dry!

Dinner tonight at the Zingerman's Roadhouse, a premium-ingredient American restaurant that's a spinoff of the very cool Zingerman's Deli and catalog business. Their wine list is profoundly tempting; I'd love to just stay and drink my way through it. They're the first place I've seen Bell (the Cab that [info]reasie liked so much) in a restaurant. Very cool.

Presents are now all wrapped. Socks are hung with care, and laden with goodies. The turkey is cleaned and thawing. Vintage champagne is chilling. All is in readiness... Now if we'd just stop being chatty and got some sleep, it would be full-on Christmas all the sooner. Humpf!

However... Liz has hiccups again. It's cosmic justice, I tell you. The trick is trying not to laugh so much that I get hiccups too.

I don't know when I'll post next, so I'll close by wishing you all happy holidays, whether they be Yule or Kwanzaa, Christmas or Hannukah, Giftmas or Bumbleshins (okay, I made up that last one). If you can, be with your family and friends. Even if you can't, be sure to let them know you love them. Be nice to the random strangers, because really, we're all random strangers. I almost cried today when I heard John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" while running an errand at K-Mart; the juxtaposition of Lennon's pure sentiment with the rampaging consumerist capitalism made me feel ill. Remember, kids, it's not about the presents, and no matter what Cartman tells you, it's not about ham either. It's all about being nice to each other for a change, and trying not to wreck this nice little planet of ours. So, in the words of the truly wise, be excellent to each other...

...and party on, dudes!

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