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Operation: Super-Secret Ninja Early Anniversary Celebration--GO!


SATURDAY, 11-08-2003

0829: Clean, dressed, packed, breakfast made and eaten. Operation: Super-Secret Ninja Early Anniversary Celebration is a GO!

1416: Morning beautification phase complete. Massage and facial treatments for Agents M and L; special eyebrow, hair, and toe glamorization applied to Agent L; aerodynamic dorsal modifications to Agent M successful, minimal damage incurred. Funds transfer and vehicle refueling complete. Will begin next phase of operations once Agent L's naptime is done.

1645: Checked into the Intercontinental Hotel. Dressed to kill. Dining phase to commence in 15 minutes, a multi-course gastronomic assault at Classics. Take no prisoners.

1909: Dining phase complete. Achieved the following mission objectives:

  • Amuse bouche: cucumber with parma ham, puff pastry with parmesan cheese
  • Wine: 1992 Signature pinot noir -- fruity, silky, marvelous
  • Bread: olive, whole-grain, raisin-walnut
  • Amuse bouche: crab meat gelee topped with salmon, creme fresch, Iranian beluga caviar
  • Agent M - appetizer: foie gras marinated in sauterne, served with apple marmalade, miniature greens, and warm toast
  • Agent L - appetizer: Charlotte gelee of blue crab
  • Agent M - salad: balsamic-glazed quail with roasted red pepper and greens
  • Agent L - salad: white truffles with porcini mushrooms and greens
  • Agent M - main course: long-bone veal chop, scallopped potatoes, chantrelle mushrooms, and mixed steamed vegetables
  • Agent L - main course: sea bass with tomato confit
  • Amuse bouche: Absolut lemon sorbet in flower-shaped shortbread cookie with raspberry sauce
  • Dessert: bananas Foster, accompanied by assorted miniature desserts

1947: Mission vehicle stowed securely at Playhouse Square Center parking lot. Tickets obtained, surprise sprung -- Agent L is treated to a night at the ballet.

2355: Cultural phase complete to the satisfaction of all parties. Returned to staging location at Intercontinental Hotel for mission debriefing over wine and chocolates.

SUNDAY 11-09-2003

1000: Post-mission wrap-up operations begin.

1130: Tear-down of staging location and packing of mission supplies complete.

1202: Emergency ration stop at Brendan O'Neills for brunch.

1305: All agents successfully returned to base -- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


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