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Monday Ennui

Maybe it's because all of my stuff for both huge and mind-bogglingly irritating projects is all done and working. Perhaps it's because the sky is nearly the same shade of grey as the walls of my cube. It could be that today is simply Monday, and that I'd rather it weren't. But something has definitely given me a case of the blahs today.

Had a fun weekend with Liz's mom visiting. She hadn't yet seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies (nor had she read the books!), so after the trick-or-treating died down and we were back from dinner on Friday, it was time for the FotR:EE DVD. She seemed to enjoy it, so I gave her my spare Two Towers DVD (a by-product of my misfortunate adventures with the Chapter 52 Glitch) to take back to Chicago. Saturday we were Liz's TA's for her introductory wine tasting class, which seemed to go over quite well. All the students were interested to know when the next tasting would be; it was kind of a surprise as Liz had only done it as a one-off thing. Saturday night was dinner at Pete's place, Vaccaro's Trattoria (crappy website, great food -- though I notice that the menus on the site are not current). I had the duck (excellent), but the real winner was the pork chop, served with an apple cider reduction and mashed sweet potatoes with gorgonzola cheese. Mmmmm, that's nice! Pete popped out to visit every so often, and it was great to catch up with him. He was shocked to discover that I'd never had sweetbreads before, so he brought us a small plate to sample. I have to say, I never thought that fried thymus gland would ever be so tasty.

We're mostly done applying the primer coat to the new windows. I need to try to finish that up this evening, if possible, but the weather might have other ideas about that. It would also be helpful if I could muster up enough energy and motivation to work a little faster on them. Need to buy the actual paint, too, which is another serious stumbling block.

Instead of finishing the painting, I was lazy and started working on some new mix CD's. One is intended to be music for driving, with a day disc and a night disc; the other is strictly things from the iTunes Music Store. Which reminds me, I should really finish the mix CD that I started in the spring... See, there's the laziness again!

I also avoided doing anything serious by making a Novemberish sort of theme for; I figured since Halloween had passed, I should probably lose the spooky death colors and set to with the drab November scene. Which leads me to...

Today. Bleah. It's grey and dull, and the excellent conversation that [info]reasie and I were having about Alien has sadly tapered off into oblivion. Fark isn't that good, Slashdot just makes me angry, and I don't think I can read any more reviews of the Two Towers: Extended Edition DVD's without exploding from pent-up fanboy anticipation.

In some ways, I'd be glad for something to happen in the next 45 minutes... but at the same time, I'm hoping it stays quiet and I can slip away without incident. What I'll do with the evening, I have no idea, but at least it will be my time to fritter and waste in an offhand way.

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