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Blogger's Block?

I am somewhat irritated, somewhat annoyed, and somewhat sad that I haven't been blogging nearly as much as I would like to. I miss having a regular expressive outlet. Sometimes it seems like life is too trivial to bother writing about, other times it seems like it's just too much effort, or that there will be time later.

Well, surprise surprise, there isn't time later.

So, that said, what tremendously great thoughts do I have to bestow upon the world?

Um. Let's see here...

Work is crazy.

Ok, that's good for starters. What else?

Tonight's "South Park" was just fabulous.

Great! Keep going!

While the rest of the world was out doing cool fun stuff this past weekend, Liz and I spent pretty much the whole weekend being lazy bums around the house, napping, being snuggly, watching movies, and generally finding excuses to remain in our respective warm, fuzzy jammies, and not do a damn thing. And it felt great! Then Monday came, and our dreams were shattered forever... Alas.

Saturday we're going to Heather and Bob's Halloween party. We're all raging geeks, so it's a Lord of the Rings themed event. Liz is borrowing some garb (thanks, Marie!), and I'm digging out my old duds from SCA days of yore. I need a bootlace, though, as one of mine is broken. It's a shame too, the boots are surprisingly comfortable. Also we need to figure out how many sets of ears to pick up, if either or both of us is considering feigning elvishness. (I know, that sounds like one of us is going to be a drunken Elvis Presley, but I can assure you it's not the case.) Heather and Bob will be Arwen and Aragorn, respectively. I had suggested that we stay in the "Great Couples of Middle Earth" theme, and that Liz and I could be Beren and Luthien, but Liz hasn't read The Silmarillion and that didn't really wow her. I suggested Galadriel and Celeborn, but my friend Julie is going as Galadriel, so I had better not be Celeborn if I know what's good for me. I suggested Samwise and Rosie, and that was not well-received... (Liz: "I'm not some [expletive deleted] little [expletive deleted] Hobbit-girl!") She did kind of like my last suggestion of her as Frodo and me as Gollum; all we'd need would be a length of twine around my neck, and I could clutch at it and scream about how it burnssss us! Then again, it's October in Cleveland, and I'm thinking it might be too cold for just a loincloth.

Speaking of Halloween, it's now Halloween at, thanks to the magic of cascading style sheets. It's no Eric Meyer beauty, but it's... um... er... seasonal! Yeah, that's the ticket! Yes, I know some of the text in the sidebar is a little hard to read, so it's no use complaining about it to me. I have plans to do some additional season-based themes for the site as time progresses, and maybe one day they won't actually suck so much. (Was that sufficiently self-deprecating?)

Lastly, we met with a designer at Somrak Kitchens last night, put down a deposit, and have officially commenced on our kitchen remodeling odyssey. With any luck, we'll have the plans figured out and finalized by mid-February, so that construction (and demolition) can begin in mid-May when cabinets and other goodies are ready. It's exciting and scary at the same time... But if it makes life better, I'm all for it.

Looks like I got un-blocked, at least a little bit. Maybe I just need more fiber in my mental diet.

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