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Area Man Reports Weekend Good But Fleeting

It's Monday, so it's time to bust a recap of the weekend; let's break it down, list-style:

  • Thursday, I managed to score tickets to the Cleveland "Trilogy Tuesday" showing of all three Lord of the Rings films. w00t!! I'm so giddy about it, I feel like a geeky little eleven-year-old! In other LotR geek news, I also have tickets to see Howard Shore in Columbus in March, conducting an assortment of LotR film music.
  • Saw Kill Bill v.1 on Friday night with Liz. Aside from being one of the most singularly violent films I've ever seen, it's also one hell of a picture. I know I didn't catch most of the film geek in-jokes, but I did recognize a few things, like the Bernard Herrmann music, the Wilhelm Scream, a couple bits that reminded me of Kurosawa, and a nice reference to Wings of Eagles regarding Uma's toes. Well worth a look-see, this goes onto my list of necessary DVD's. "Volume 2" can't come too soon!
  • Saturday, Liz walked in the Race for the Cure. I had originally meant to go root for her, but ended up getting permission to go back to sleep. So she got a nice walk on a gorgeous day for a good cause, and I got some much-needed beauty rest.
  • Saturday afternoon, Liz took me to the zoo. (No, she wasn't going to donate me.) The weather was amazing, and it was really nice to get out and enjoy it. We saw all sorts of zoo critters, including sleepy tigers (my, how those little guys have grown!), sleepy camels (phew, the stench!), and surprisingly un-sleepy wolves.
  • Saturday night we grilled up some tasty dinner and enjoyed it with a pinot noir-based vin gris (yum!) from our visit to Napa, then rounded out the evening with Godfather Part 2.
  • Sunday we went to "Say Yes to Cleveland", a little networking shin-dig before the Browns game. It was okay, and the band was pretty decent, and the sun eventually came out, so it turned out all right. We had a nice lunch at Aladdin's, then spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. Nice!
  • Okay, it's not the weekend, but tonight we're going to see Stephen Hawking at Severance Hall. I know, wild times!

That said, I definitely could use one or two more days of weekend. Or a vacation. Or something.

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