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Since Last Time

I am back among the (somewhat) living. Actually, I have been for about a week and a half now, but I've been too lazy to post. I had a wonderful sinus infection (which my doctor referred to as an "upper respiratory nightmare") that had me out of commission for a week. During that time, I was on a prescription cough suppressant and general "snot-buster" that I was advised "may cause dizziness." To borrow a phrase from Denis Leary, it should say, "don't make any plans." So, I spent the week watching all of the extras on the extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring, even the commentary tracks, and generally being stoned out of my mind. There's nothing quite like lurching around the house praying that your muscles still remember how to walk.

Obviously, wacky cold medicines and driving to work don't mix, so I went off of the stuff last week. Of course, now that means I get to cough stuff up.

All day long. And all night.

It's really quite fabulous.

On top of that, I have a deep slice across my right middle fingertip, which hurts about as much as one would expect, and which likes to bleed a lot. When I'm feeling tasteless and irreverent, which I suppose is most of the time, I tell people that I was mauled by a tiger. Which isn't so far from the truth -- Pixel was sitting on my lap the other night when the smoke alarm went off; she freaked and bolted, and her back claws savaged my poor finger.

Today just adds insult to injuries. My first Band-Aid collapsed in on itself before it could be applied to my finger, rendering it utterly useless, and the second bandage didn't have a pad. Let's hear it for quality control! This caused me to be a few minutes later than I had planned to be, so I hurried out the door, forgetting my watch, one of the rings I wear, and the silly pendant that Liz gave me when we started dating that I never ever forget. It's funny how the absence of things that I don't normally notice can feel so completely... wrong. Then it was time to get stuck in a traffic jam, making me even later to my nine AM meeting.

Oh, yes, and I suspect that I have pink eye.

Like I said, life is fabulous.

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