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The Big Day: Part Two

At long last, Andy and Lauren are wed! They are now Mr. and Mrs. Doctor and Doctor Andrew Boyd (insert Spies Like Us joke here). They were married in the fields outside of The Salt Lick's party pavilion, under a high, graceful canopy of trees. A light, refreshing rain spattered in joyful fits and spurts throughout the ceremony; if there is a God, then I presume that He cries at weddings too.

After the ceremony, we had an awesome barbeque buffet, then set in for some serious partying -- drinking, dancing, and attacking sacrificial pinatas. Upon our return to San Antonio tonight, we stopped over at Bennigan's to visit briefly with the Chicago contingent.

Liz and I are now in for the night; I'm uploading photos from today and snacking on some microwave popcorn, while Liz has found Ghostbusters on TV, much to our mutual delight.

Congratulations to the happy bride and groom! Now, it's sleepy time.

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