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Perfect Timing

On the way home from yesterday's festivities, my throat started to feel all gunky and upset. I wrote it off to just being run down after having a crazy weekend and a couple hours of dancing madness.

I've since spent pretty much the entire day holed up in our hotel room, buried in blankets, pushing fluids, napping intermittently, and desperately seeking television worth watching for more than thirty-seven seconds at a time. I have a low fever and am pretty dizzy, but at least this morning's salsa-slathered scrambled eggs managed to clear the junk out of my throat.

Today's top television finds have been:

  • Hamtaro (appropriately, it was the episode "Get Well Laura")
  • Ghostbusters was on again
  • Watched about ten minutes of Joe Versus the Volcano, until it took a break for ads
  • The edited-for-TV version of Lethal Weapon 2 -- they FREAK YOU at the DRIVE THROUGH!
  • Lots and lots of Cartoon Network -- sadly, I've slept through or missed the ad for the upcoming Star Wars: the Clone Wars show three or four times now and never seen it completely.
  • The crowning achievement? Cat People, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, with music by David Bowie and Georgio Moroder -- dubbed into Spanish! Very amazingly bad, in a way that is utterly entertaining.

Liz brought me chili for lunch (yay) and has napped a bit with me. She just got back a little bit ago from taking her mom to the airport. Now we're trying to decide if I am well enough to consider going anywhere or doing anything... I don't really have high hopes (still icky and headachy and dizzy), but we'll see how it goes.

At least I waited until after the wedding to get sick.

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