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The Big Day

The big day is finally upon us; Andy and Lauren are finally getting married!

Yesterday was the rehearsal dinner on the River Walk. It was a bit crazy, but everyone had a good time. I took a bunch of photos, some of them good, some of them less good; they're online now, but I haven't had time to rotate or post-process them yet. (You will just have to live.) I lost track of how many margaritas I had -- people just kept handing them to me -- so I ended up good and marinated by the end of the evening, which made for some seriously wacked-out dreams.

When Andy graduated from college, Liz gave him "Dating for Dummies" and "Sex for Dummies" as somewhat of a gag gift. Since at least the first volume has proven to be successful (I don't want to even know about the second one's influence!), Liz and I gave Andy a copy of the inevitable third volume in the series, Making Marriage Work for Dummies. (On a side note, I have to say that I'm rather disturbed by the wide array of subject matter addressed by the "For Dummies" books. Maybe they could print up some "Foreign Policy for Dummies" or "How Not to Tank the Economy for Dummies" and send them up W's way? But I digress...)

Today, we'll get all spiffed up and head out to The Salt Lick for the game-day rehearsal, ceremony and the reception. Congratulations again to the bride and groom on their big day! Dare I say it... w00t!!!:-)

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