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Beers, Steers, and...

Had a rough day at work, partly because of having to solve other people's bugs in production, and partly because of the compressed schedule of the day. Liz picked me up around 2:45 this afternoon and we rushed off to the airport. After running the TSA gauntlet, we boarded our tiny little regional jet and set off to San Antonio for Andy and Lauren's wedding.

Well, the plane had a weight imbalance (surprise surprise), and they needed people to go sit at the very back of the plane. Three rows of people said no before the flight attendant got to asking us. Unlike the rest of our fellow passengers, we realized that the plane wouldn't be going anywhere unless someone moved, so we volunteered to move. I made sure to say, "you're welcome," to the people who refused to move.

So we sat in the back of the little regional jet for three hours, and had a surprisingly good time. Liz had packed all kinds of healthy goodies that totally kicked the ass of the lousy airplane food. The flight attendant thought that was pretty cool; she ended up spending most of the trip sitting in the otherwise unoccupied seat across the aisle from us, as it was apparently too cold up at the front of the plane. We had a great time chatting with her, swapping stories, and mocking the passengers who couldn't figure out how to operate the lavatory door. She should totally do stand-up; she certainly has enough material.

Once on the ground, we met up with Anne and Andy, picked up our rental car, and checked into the hotel. From there, we met up with some of Liz's side of the family and headed out to dinner at a barbeque place called The County Line.

Apparently they don't kid -- everything is bigger in Texas, including the portion sizes, which are downright ludicrous. A gent at a booth near us was having beef ribs, and they sprawled across two plates in a show of grisly Flinstonian excess. I had two margaritas, nothing to write home about, but they sufficed. I had only planned on having one, but just like the ribs, the ice cubes were also pretty huge, so you don't get a whole lot of margarita for your dollar. Hooray for America!

We have free internet at the hotel, so that pretty much rocks. I plan on uploading some pictures from the wedding weekend as we go; stay tuned for updates.

Now if I could only get the RevCo song "Beers, Steers, and Queers" out of my head, I'd feel comfortable enough to get some sleep...

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