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About Darn Time

At long last, you may now waste CPU cycles and precious, irrecoverable moments of your life at the new website.

It's not "done done" yet, but it had reached a point of being complete enough to launch. I was also not feeling creative enough to crank out loads of copy and new content lately, so instead I played around with some automated tools and techniques (get and process our LiveJournal feeds, keep a separate development tree locally, automatically sync files to the hosting provider, etc.). Once that progressed far enough, it felt rather silly to have all this stuff in my development tree and all these neat toys to push it live, and yet have no live site.

The site will definitely look better with a browser with good support for Cascading Style Sheets. If your browser doesn't like CSS, then it's time for an upgrade or replacement. (Sorry to be so blunt, but it's time to say goodbye to ugly, table-based markup and move the web forward. All the kids are doing it!)

So, there you have it. Be kind... or don't.

Of course, I do prefer kindness.

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