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After a couple months of planning, we tore apart my side of the office today. I've gotten everything reassembled and running again, and I think it's a definite improvement.

  • I now have a window view.
  • I only have to rotate 90 degrees to talk to Liz instead of 180.
  • The Skandia shelving units are now bracketed securely to the wall; this will make life safer when the as yet hypothetical little rugrats start getting ambitious.
  • The shelving is now much closer to the wall. The good news is that books will no longer fall out of the back. The bad news is that Pixel can't go crawling around in the shelves behind my books anymore; she's quite sad about that.
  • I have a nice empty space available for a towering cat climber; I think that will be Pixel's Christmas present.
  • My 19" monitor feels too low (it's down about four or five inches now that it's off to the side), and my iMac feels too high (it's up about four or five inches). I may do some additional rearrangements to sort that stuff out.
  • We have a fabric board now for posting miscellaneous stuff. We can now feel organized, or something. Yay!
  • The DeskJet printer is now hooked up to the Airport instead of to my iMac. This allows Liz to print to the DeskJet without having to wake up the iMac first. This is a very Good Thing. Now to figure out the best solution for the LaserJet...
  • We got a chance to vacuum the carpet in here for the first time in years! Super-mega hooray!!

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