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It's been another funtastic day of hitting my head against the immovable, unresponsive brick walls that are the partners I have to "work" with. Bleah.

I killed a little time by hacking together some changes to IDS, the opern source photo gallery project that I use. It's an altogether minor feature tweak, but it scratched one of my particular itches, and I'm considering submitting the diffs to the project maintainers. It was kind of an entertaining exercise to do some Perl hacking; thanks to eating, drinking, and living Python all day long for over three years, my Perl is incredibly rusty. Also, my copy of the Camel Book is sitting on the shelf at home... Yes, I know that everything I ever wanted to know about Perl (and then some!) is available online, but there's definitely some entertainment value to be had from working without a net, so to speak.

I did learn a new word today, thanks to Eric S. Raymond and Bruce Perens' response to SCO's "Open Letter to the Open Source Community". Is it just me, or does SCO resemble the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation more and more with each passing day? Yeah, I thought so too.

Beyond that, it's been an utterly useless day. I really need to have fewer of those.

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