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It's Amazing How...

...something as simple as a nice dinner can make you feel so much better about life in general.

Though I suppose that could be the wine talking.

We went to try out Nemo out in Avon, and there was much dining happiness on the patio. Liz had a tomato salad and the escarole special; I had the goat cheese tower (goat cheese, grilled Granny Smith apples, beets, and a nummy balsamic vinegar) and the roast duck. We split a bottle of a 2000 Cotes du Rhone that was absolutely perfect with my dinner. Liz decided that she was the double-d, so I got about two thirds of the bottle -- whee! The weather was glorious, we got a nice sunset, the pacing of the meal was just about perfect, the prices were reasonable, and the food was excellent.

All in all, a nice evening, and (admittedly with 2/3 of a bottle in me) I feel a lot better about life.

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