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For Those Keeping Score At Home

Everyone ([info]sam16, [info]supercarrot, [info]mokatz) made it here safely last night, albeit a touch later than previously anticipated. I guess 2:30 sort of counts as "midnightish," right? :-)

Liz and I had decided to stay up to meet people rather than leave doors unlocked, so we amused ourselves with dinner, some various but by no means comprehensive bits of tidying, and The Two Towers.

Sadly, my Two Towers DVD is defective and is going back to the store this weekend for an exchange. The film portion disintegrates and play stops at 167'34", which is not the worst place for it to die, but still it's not supposed to happen at all. When I popped out the disc, I saw that the surface was cloudy rather than shiny, and drizzled with little bubbles, almost champagne-like. The only other time I'd seen a disc look like that was our defective copy of The Pianist that had much the same playback issues. At least I have the receipt -- and it's not like there's any shortage of replacement DVD's!

Beyond that, I have no idea what we're doing for the bulk of the weekend. It mostly depends on what our visiting folks feel like. (And no, I haven't felt them, so I couldn't tell you.) The weather looks to be surprisingly decent in comparison with what we've been dealing with all week, so perhaps being out and about somewhere is in order.

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