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Nibbled to Death

The week thus far has been jam-packed with irritations and frustrations that have left me tired and cranky.

Sunday night: Bad thunderstorms in the middle of the night that woke me up for awhile.

Monday: Bad thunderstorms in the middle of the night, seemingly centered directly over our house. I was awake from about 2:30 am until sometime after 3.

Tuesday: Thunderstorms in the night and again early on in the morning; did not sleep well. We both overslept by more than we should on a weekday; Liz was so out of it that I had to convince her that it was really Tuesday and not Sunday. On my drive home, I saw a number of street lights without power. Surprisingly, even with our community's recent refresher course in how to treat a dead stoplight as a 4-way stop, very few people seemed to have grasped the concept.

Wednesday: We'd had a power failure at the office overnight, so it was time to recover my computers. Except that they didn't want to boot. Turns out the power failure has apparently killed my KVM switch, the second one to die on me. Being down one computer (effectively) puts a kink in my usual workflow, so that's got me all off-kilter now. Then at night, we had crappy skies for seeing Mars from anywhere super-close to our house, and it's not like we have a telescope or the patience to stand in line at a big observation party. Power died shortly after midnight, which meant I was comfortable and just about to fall into real sleep when all the UPS's in the house started screaming at me. Got up to shut everything down, couldn't fall back asleep until sometime past 1 am. The power was out most of the night, and I'm convinced that it did something to the alarm, because we both overslept. Hooray for First Energy, the company that brought us Davis-Besse and the Blackout of 2003! (I guess Mars would have been better viewed once the power died, but at that point, sleep was the priority.)

Thursday: There was an orange kitten on the side of the road during my commute; it was intact enough to be cute, and damaged enough to have spilled gore and entrails out onto the road. Quite disturbing. Then: a very irritating work day. Got bitten by a production code bug that had been waiting four months to be detectable; it was due to a silly oversight on my part, which makes it even more galling. Irritating meetings. Had to push getting some stuff done until post-meeting, which meant not leaving the office until after 6:30 pm. And wouldn't you know it, after being awakened in the middle of the night all week, my body is now used to it. I was suddenly awake at 2:30 am and had a hard time getting back to sleep. Consequently, I've gotten a late start on today as well.

Today: Remains to be seen... Hopefully life becomes less irritating at some point.

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