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Good With the Bad

Things that are bad:

  • Being super-crazy-busy at work.
  • One fiasco after another at work.
  • One fiasco after another at my wife's workplace.
  • Having to pay sales tax on haircuts.
  • Having to pay sales tax on my DirecTV bill.
  • Having to pay sales tax on all kinds of asinine things. Hey, UP YOURS, GOVERNOR TAFT! Way to stimulate Ohio's economy by giving me less money to spend on Ohio business. Asshat. When the heck are we gonna vote this kook out of office?
  • Massive papercuts on one's tongue -- curse you, Citibank envelope of Hades!!
  • Being up too late.
  • Being too tired to work out.
  • Not having time/energy enough to post much.

Things that are good:

  • New carpet...still!
  • Working out, when I've not been up too late.
  • I got the Matrox framebuffer tweaked all (mostly) nice! I have a very pretty text console! La-de-flipping-da!
  • Mmm, good cooking lately.
  • Hey, we've got TOMATOES! And they're bright red, perfectly ripe, and damnably delicious! (Quite lovely with a spot of salt, pepper, olive oil, basil, and balsamic vingear... mmmmmmm....)
  • Geek porn, aka the latest Mac World magazine (lots of pretty pictures of Panther and the new G5's, *drool*)
  • Dealing mercilessly with work fiascos and emerging victorious, huzzah! Bask in my issue-resolving glory!
  • Having a creative out-of-office auto-reply message.
  • Dad's Bose noise-cancelling headphones... though I am enough sold on them that maybe I should recategorize them as "bad things."
  • Being on VACATION!
  • Road trip to Canada, starting tomorrow, to go see lots of plays. (Remember last year? I do!)
  • Other things too numerous to mention.... yeah.

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