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Moving Day

Today was Moving Day in the office -- the day of my transition from my lousy old cube to my shiny new one. At my old location, there was a sort of open public area that is "graced" with some tables, supposedly to encourage small groups to collaborate there instead of visiting each other's little hidey-holes. Unfortunately, those tables had become the default location for any meeting that was too lazy to check to see if there was an open conference room, and the nigh-constant meeting chatter had me well on my way to going quite severely postal.

My new location is among a pod of other developers that I have to deal with pretty regularly anyway, so that's a definite improvement. I am far from the stupid meeting tables, and up against a REAL WALL for the first time in my post-college career. On the down side, I have the sysadmins on one side of me, and someone that argues with them a lot just across the way from me, so I will probably get a lot of chatter from that... But I heard that stuff from my old desk anyway, so I can't think that it will be that much worse. And it should drown out anything coming from the accursed meeting tables, and that's really my major goal--not to eliminate all noises, because I can't, but to reduce the total number of noises that my brain is going to try to ignore while I try to get work done.

So I moved all my stuff over to my new digs today, got settled in, and am really enjoying it so far. It's given me a chance to establish a much better desk layout, with both of my computers on the floor to maximize the work surface (which I find myself using more than other folks... I like to doodle and psuedo-code on paper first).

I need to find out whom to call about mounting my whiteboard on the Real Wall; it's too tall to hang from either of my two cube-farm walls, and I would apparently be in deep shit if I just drilled holes in the wall and mounted it myself, despite being more than capable of hanging a dumb-ass office whiteboard after all the home improvement work that Liz and I have been doing lately. And also the overhead light doesn't work, so it's a bit cavelike; that will certainly need fixing. However, a glace to the left allows me a tiny glimpse of the windows, so I won't be completely oppressed by our dark grey ceilings.

Now... now it's way past bedtime. I've been up late the past couple of nights researching digital cameras that my brother-in-law Andy might like for a wedding present. I think I've found a couple of good recommendations (feel free to share yours, please), but it's an exhausting process to sift through the massive amounts of information and model/manufacturer permutations available, and it seems to have really kicked my ass in the needing to get more sleep department.

So, with that... adieu, aufwiedersehen, good night!

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