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All Out of Bubblegum

In general, there's been a general lack of bubblegum, and a corresponding abundance of ass-kicking this week:

  • Drove to Columbus with Liz last weekend
  • Had an awesome dinner at Martini's in Columbus. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Vino Nobile de Montepulciano on the wine list, and the server was extremely happy that I knew what it was without her having to recommend it to me. It went perfectly with what has to be the best filet mignon I've had in forever!
  • Cirque du Soleil was fun, although the little 8-year-old contortionist girl scared me.
  • Found a nice, light sport coat in my size, as well as nice, lightweight pants to go with it. And two new ties. And a shirt. And a couple pairs of very nice, comfortable shoes, which were way, way too expensive, but so far seem to be worth it.
  • We have curtain rods for our bedroom too! Now to sort out a treatmenty-sort-of-hangy-thing for them...
  • Cranked out two projects this week at work that both involved some tricky ninja magic design and coding. I had to speed up the work a bit in order to clear my schedule for my next huge projects, which look like they are starting sooner rather than later. But they both work, and that just plain rocks!
  • I got my mid-year review yesterday, and it was really quite good.
  • I found out during my review that one of the things I worked on this spring might get a patent. Not that I like the concept of software patents (in fact, I quite hate them and think they are the scourge of our industry), but I have to admit that in a dirty sort of way, it'll be kind of cool to have one.
  • I have finally got most of the printing done for the back-log of mix CD's (converted from old mix-tape playlists) that I owe my friend Cathe. I need to get some more labels, and get the tricky mix done, and then I can finally be done with the favor that I started on almost a year ago.
  • I got an old filling replaced this morning with a spiffy tooth-colored one. It feels a little weird, but it looks great, and I took it like a champ.
  • I spent today working from home so that we could get the new carpet installed in the bedroom! It's super-soft, and definitely the best carpet in the house now... Whee!
  • I've been listening to good music all day while I work. Yay!
  • Hey, it's like, the weekend and stuff! ROCK!!!

Okay, time to go annoy Liz with how bouncy I am. ;-) Peace.

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