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Better All The Time

Breakin' down the good stuff, old-school list-style for your reading enjoyment:

  • It's the weekend, yay!!
  • Liz is doing a LOT better, yay!!
  • The painters showed up and put our new shutters on the house, yay!!
  • Electrician dude fixed the one GFI outlet that was giving me troubles and replaced the one in the half bath for me, yay!!
  • We're packed and ready to head to Columbus to see Cirque du Soleil, yay!!
  • We'll stop at The Great Indoors on the way back and look for curtain rods (and maybe even curtainy things) for the master bedroom, yay!!
  • If I'm good, I might get to go to the Apple Store to drool, yay!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend; I certainly plan to.

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