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Since Last Time

It's been a couple of days since I meant to post, so here goes!

Saturday we took Christine to Swings & Things. Luckily, she's now taller than the tallest minimum-height line, so we didn't have any ride restrictions. We went on the go-karts a couple of times, played mini-golf (and for once in my life, I won!), got totally soaked on the bumper boats (which feature most excellent water guns), split a pizza, and played a couple rounds of not-quite laser tag. (It's not laser tag because there's no moving... the two teams face each other and shoot at targets on the opposite wall. Lame, I know, but I was the number one high scorer in one game, go me!)

After all of that amusement, it was back to our house to watch movies. She'd never seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off, so that was a definite must. That was followed by one of the Austin Powers movies (the not-very-good newest one). Finally, Christine really wanted to see "the movie on the wall," in reference to our Princess Mononoke cels, so that kept us up for awhile.

Sunday we took Christine to the airport, where they tried to charge us $60 for the unaccompanied minor status, despite the fact that her mom had already paid for the return trip. The bitchy lady at United didn't even apologize, she just acted like it was annoying. Then they would only let one of us go back to the gate with her, so I went home for a couple hours while Liz waited for the plane to be airborne.

That afternoon we went to the first annual Taste of Tremont, which was really quite rinky-dink in comparison to what it had been hyped up to be. We met up with a friend from work and his wife, meandered about for awhile, then went to a wine bar to hang out for a bit. After that, we popped over to Ohio City for a bit of early dinner. The conversation skewed toward work-talk a little too often, but it was fun, and an interesting contrast to our thirteen-year-old niece. More socialization is definitely in order!

This week has been pretty slow, aside from Liz's not feeling well. I finally managed to Get Stuff Done for work last night, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The plan for now is just to muddle through and see how things go. But with Liz all wonky from her prescription, I pretty much have to run the whole show myself, which means...

I have to replace a GFI'd outlet. I need to install a new GFI in the half-bath. I need to change out the switches in the half-bath. I need to buy cat food. I need to do laundry. I need to do dishes. I need to clean the litter box.

Oi, that's a lot of work! What am I doing sitting around here for?

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