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Gasp! We're "Cool"!

Christine has decided that we're cool. Excellent!

Here's the weekend so far, kickin' it list-style:

  • Liz and Christine got to play GameCube for awhile before I got home, whee!
  • Dinner at Brenden O'Neill's - yum!
  • Poked around at Borders for a bit, bought Christine the new book in a series (not Harry Potter) that she's reading
  • G'yarr! We saw that thar poirate movie, and it did be muchlike better than expected, y'arr.
  • Late-night ice cream run to Mitchell's
  • Back home to watch Nausicaa
  • Mmmm, sleep...
  • Mmmm, sleeping late!
  • Made pancakes and watched the rest of Nausicaa

Now it's time to head out to do stuff and have another day of fun!

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