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Yesterday's Experiments.... SUCCESSFUL!

Yesterday we put two coats of paint onto the walls in our bedroom. It looks pretty good so far, though it was a long and tiring day. We'll finish up today with the trim and chair rail.

We managed to pick out new carpet for the bedroom with a minimum of fuss and rather quite a bit of being silly. I think the paint fumes may have influenced the level of goofiness, but that's just a theory... Anyway, we should have new carpet in a couple weeks, hooray!

The half-bath is also making progress. The countertop has been set, and most of the sink plumbing is complete. The guy who's installing things will be back on Monday, and the plan is to have the whole thing functional before our niece Christine comes to visit next weekend.

After the second coat of paint, we had a nice bit of lounging about in the hammock, which I think was well-deserved. We chatted on the phone with Liz's mom, and later with my parents. I think I managed to succeed in bullying my folks into seeing Finding Nemo, but I can't say for sure.

We finished off the day with that sweetest of combinations: alcohol, pizza, and anime! (Liz's idea, no less -- have I mentioned how perfect she is?) We watched three episodes of Excel Saga (hilarious, especially the episode which parodies the Japanese perception of America and the American perception of anime) and killed off the last episode of the latest Chobits DVD.

I just finished rotating all the San Francisco photos, so I'll post some of them eventually. In the mean time, here are some photos from yesterday's adventures with paint...

Pixel, though confused by the chaos, enjoys her first chances to get on top of the wardrobe.

Pixel is ready for her close-up, while Liz finishes patching the hole where the crappy intercom unit used to be.

Thanks to the magic of a drywall patch kit and old man spackle (friend to you and me), our dumpy late-70's intercom unit is gone! Good riddance!

The first coat of paint is almost completed.

...I will surely post some more photos of the final product.

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