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Pain, Pride, and Punchiness

I am going to have a HUGE bruise on my left leg, from my knee up the outside of my thigh. This is because, like an overly excited idiot, I frolicked out to the hammock and threw myself in, and neglected to hold on. Now, your typical hammock is not so aggressive, but this one is like a wild horse and has yet to be tamed, and so it spun me into the air and threw my foolhardy ass onto the ground forthwith... I, of course, had the good taste to land directly on a large tree root that sticks just far enough out of the ground to invalidate the nice, soft landing that our lush, verdant lawn should have generously provided to me. It hurt a lot, but it was also pretty damn funny, and I ended up laughing my head off at the general stupidity of it all. We'll have to see which hurts worse: my leg, or my pride.

Speaking of pride, we're going to San Francisco tomorrow morning. We'll be visiting our good friend Don, who lives in Berkeley. Don was one of our friends who came with us on our Alaskan cruise, upon which the term "pride" became an instant and now long-running in-joke. See, the cruise had departed from Vancouver, which by complete coincidence was having a gay pride weekend at the time. On our way down the elevator with our bags, Liz and I were getting chatted up by some nice young men who seemed quite friendly. After a few minutes of idle but somewhat weird chit-chat, one of the nice fellows asked me, "Are you here for the pride?" to which I could only reply, "No, actually. My wife and I are going on a cruise." They all stopped talking to us after that, and the rest of the elevator ride was rather quiet. This began a long string of jokes revolving around the word "pride" that has lasted us for nearly two years. Yes, we're easily amused.

So anyway, we're going to San Francisco tomorrow to see Don.

And, as it happens, it's gay pride weekend.

Is there some kind of sinister force of irony at work here, or is it just me?

I expect that there will be much silliness and fun once we arrive out west. Since we have to be at the airport in just over four hours (Egad! No sleep for me!!), I expect we'll both be pretty punch-drunk for pretty much the entire flight. Wheeeeee!!! In theory, they have that funny internet thing at some of the hotels we'll be staying at, so maybe I'll be able to post some updates from the road. Or maybe I won't. You'll just have to stay tuned... OooOOOOOooooo!!! It's gonna be a mystery! Look out! Yow!

(Okay, think it's time to get a quick nap before the airport. Joy!)

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