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Bad Apples

I'm really quite annoyed with the Safari 1.0 "final" version that Apple released the other day. Safari has really come a long way, and had been growing into a decent and solid browser in its most recent betas. Heck, once it acquired tabs, it started to cross the line into being cool. So I was excited to download the 1.0 final release today and give it a whirl...

...only to discover that it has some really wacky font smoothing issues (like, it doesn't do it very well any more), and that many CSS things that used to work right are now quite broken. I am specifically peeved that the fixed background image in the site I am developing gets obliterated by empty white space as I scroll down the page. It never used to do that until I "upgraded!" As it turns out, I think I might be one of the lucky ones -- a lot of folks over in the Mac support boards can't even load pages with this new version, or they have it crash as soon as it's started.

Also gone is the bug submission button, which seems like it would really come in handy right about now.


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