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As Promised

As promised, I have new pictures of the garden destruction/improvements.

Removal of the nasty dying bushes

Bushes are GONE!

Natty-looking azaleas have been moved, and we've got another flat of marigolds planted! Yay, marigolds!

The front garden area, cleaned up some more

Scraggly bushes by the front door have been replaced with red and white impatiens (which kind of go with the red geraniums, and when the front door is open, they match our Snoopy piece nicely.

Another view of the front garden area, showing the hostas that were relocated from the herb garden

The herb garden has really gone nuts -- check out the giant cilantro (front, slightly to the left of center)! The tomato plants (along the back) are also turning into monsters, and seem ready to challenge the sage for dominance.

I thought the sky and the evening light in the trees looked rather beautiful.

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