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v v tired

vry very tired... went out to get hrrryy pottr book @ borders... nightmare... filthy with bespectacled childrn in little wizrd hats... fire hazard - where was fire marshal? only saw one or 2 cops, v surprised... resisted all urges to say "i told you so"... had number 505 to pick up book, took an hour for them to get through first 100 customers... walked over to grcery store as delay tactic, bought SHOCK TARTS to keep awake... GOt home @ 1:40ish, talked to [info]sam16 and [info]supercarrot til sometime past 2... [info]aquamindy had finished chapter 1 and gone to sleep, so i got to read for a bit... finished chapter 5 around 3:37, couldn't keep eyes open, they kept going all unfocused and wobbly on me... today v v tired... have taste like small garden animal died in my mouth (ick)... must do laundry, vacuum house, do dishes... and have errands to run... ohhh why does it have to be so nice & sunny outside?? it torments me so... uhhhhhh.... living dead mike walks again... damn harry potter!...

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