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I keep forgetting to upload pictures of Liz and her adventures in the Front Garden of Doom. I'll see if I can get to that tomorrow evening after work. The devastation is really quite a sight to behold.

I'm making good progress on my goofy RSS parser and related utilities, so much so that I think I can back-burner coding on that for awhile. I have a silly bit of code to write for utterly cosmetic reasons, which I may do as a really simple CGI or a bit of JavaScript instead. When the time comes, you'll know how silly it is. (Trust me, it's silly.)

Oh, and about that mix CD that I thought I'd be done with sometime last August? It's got master CD's, cover art, disc labels, empty jewel cases, and a fresh ink cartridge. So it might actually be for real sometime very very soon. Was it worth the wait? I guess we'll all have to wait just a bit longer before we can find out.

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