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So Far...

Because I'm particularly masochistic, I decided to start with a "stage 1" Gentoo installation, which means that pretty much everything gets built from scratch. After much struggling (my stupid CD drives don't let me boot from them, so I had to work around that in order to load stuff off of the Gentoo CD, and that was a huge pain in the ass for several reasons too painful to discuss here), I've finally gotten to the point where I've kicked off the bootstrap script. This builds fun things like binutils, gcc, and gcc, and then rebuilds binutils, gcc, and gettext once glibc is done. So... this should take a while.

Nuking my entire Red Hat installtion, including the partition where /home lived, gave me a little bit of pause. But I figure I backed everything up last night, so the worst that happens is that I have to reinstall Red Hat from CD. At least, that's the theory.

It's kind of nice to be making some measurable progress against the installation instructions, though. And for once it its life, my CPU gets something serious to do.

Hopefully it keeps going (relatively) smoothly.

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