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Good and Bad

So I survived the annoyingly long and hellaciously busy work week, but just barely. The worst day was Thursday, when I didn't get a chance for breakfast, worked straight through lunch, and really didn't eat anything worth speaking of until about 6 in the evening when I got a sandwich to go on my way home. I don't recommend abusing yourself like that.

I spent at least half the week being excited that I was going to see the Cowboy Bebop movie on Friday night with Liz. I was indeed geeky enough to be blasting my Cowboy Bebop mix CD the whole way over to the east side to pick up Liz, get dinner, and go to the Cinematheque. We had an early dinner at Luchita's in Shaker Square, which was both good (two margaritas for me, two sangrias for Liz) and not so good (my dinner didn't sit well in my tummy). We wandered around the bookstore for a bit, trying to sober me up enough to drive, which just wasn't working out too well, so Liz ended up driving us down the hill to the movie.

We were very early, so we bought tickets and then walked around the perimeter of the new and improved Cleveland Botanical Gardens. Eventually we circled around and went back to the theatre to wait to be seated. We ended up bumping into several old acquaintances from CWRU days, and had a nice bit of getting caught up.

The movie was most excellent indeed. It was great to finally hear the soundtrack music in the right context. The animation was sharp and beautiful. The story had the right mix of humor, action, suspense, and drama. The English dub features the same cast as the TV dub, and they were even better in the movie than their excellent earlier performances. It was also delightful to be seeing the movie with a fairly large crowd who'd also never seen it before -- the great audience reactions really helped the film. A great time was had by all.

However, as much as I was enjoying the movie, I wasn't enjoying me terribly much. I'd started to get a sore throat earlier during the day, and it had been getting progressively worse throughout the evening. By the time we were halfway through the film, something inside declared that it was not very happy with me, and so I spent much of the second half of the film trying to keep my increasingly ill body under control. Liz was exhausted, but drove us home anyway, since I was starting to feel so utterly crapulous that I didn't think I would be able to drive safely. When we got home, my throat was too sore to even try to drink any water, I was trembling uncontrollably, and my temperature was on its way up. I was so exhausted that I just immediately went to bed without taking anything, which was probably a mistake. I spent the night half asleep, half dreaming, consumed by fever. I was not having a good time. This morning I was close to 102 degrees. We managed to get some Advil into me, and the fever seems to be coming down bit by bit. I was able to eat a piece of toast and drink a glass of juice, and that seemed to improve things greatly.

Still, I'm pissed that I'm sick. I'm pissed that I'm not feeling up to all the weekend enjoyment that has been planned. I'm pissed that I might get Liz sick right before her huge event. Bleccch. No fun.

At least the movie kicked ass. Can't wait for the DVD!

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