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Random Thoughts Collected

I haven't posted in what seems like forever, which is partly due to how stupidly busy I've been at work lately. On one hand, I'm almost done with what I am stupidly busy with at the moment, but on the other hand, I am about to embark on even more strenuously busy endeavors. Eek!

Apple's new music service seems pretty damn cool. Their selection needs to be improved, and some of their pricing is a little weird ($0.99 per song is great, if it's not, say, the "20th Century Fox Fanfare", which is only 21 seconds long). Also, I lust after the new iPods.

The weather lately has been fantastic. We've entered into those fleeting few weeks of spring where the world is coming alive again, as if surprised by the sudden absence of winter. I went for a bike ride yesterday, down to Clague park, and watched the ducks, geese, and seagulls vie for the affections of little girls with loaves of bread. I sat in the sunshine with Liz, and was pleasantly at peace for the first time in, gosh, forever. Of course, I'm sore as hell from the ride, but all in all I figure it was worth it.

I'll be getting rid of my old Power 100 this week, which was my first new computer, that was no one else's. I feel oddly sentimental about it, but at the same time it's not doing me a lot of good sitting on the floor of the office. Hopefully someone else gets some use out of it.

We went to see Bill Cosby a couple weekends ago. On the stage sat an empty chair, and a white sweatshirt was draped on the chair. The brightly colored lettering on the sweatshirt read, rather simply, "WELCOME FRIEND." When Bill came out onstage, he explained that he'd recently lost a great friend in Fred Rogers, and that in tribute to Fred, and to all the loved ones who couldn't be with us, we would take a few minutes to listen to a song that he'd been playing on the road, and think about those we missed. He stepped off stage and cued up his music. For the next five minutes, we listened to "Ave Maria" while the stage remained empty, save for the spotlight on the empty chair, and the happy, white sweatshirt. At first the audience mumbled and chattered quietly to itself, but as the minutes passed, they collectively realized that he was serious and shut up. And it was heartbreaking, and it was comforting, and it was beautiful.

The rest of his show was as hilarious (and true) as I'd expected, and I loved every minute of it. But his opening was really touching and special, and I think that's what I'll remember the most.

Sunday we went to Eric and Kat's house for the combination calling hours/sitting shiva for Eric's mother, who died last week. I can only remember meeting her once, and that's if I even remember it correctly, but by all accounts she was an amazing lady, and though the world is saddened by her departure, it was most certainly enriched by her presence. My mother would be delighted to know that Eric's mom took up quilting several months ago, and did some really nice work in the time that she had. It was good to visit with Eric and Kat, to see that they are working through their grief, and to see the support of their friends during this difficult time.

>Oh, yes... We're running out of things for Liz to destroy. Poor girl. :-)

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