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Area Man Reports Good Friday Actually Just All Right

I keep forgetting that I get Good Friday off from work, which I always find amusing due to our Jewish upper management. Even though this is the fourth year in a row I've gotten it off, it always comes as a surprise. I can't quite shake the feeling that it's just a giant conspiracy to make me not show up for work, and then everyone can have a good laugh on Monday. And that's probably when I'll notice I'm not wearing pants, or have something horrible on my face. Paranoid? Maybe. But is that such a bad thing?

I spent my day off engaged in a ferocious battle with some CSS stuff, which for some reason I am determined to wrap my head around, even if it kills me. It's weird to have spent so much time writing code, and so little writing any pretty web stuff; my design skills are a little rusty (especially for thinking in CSS). I finally got to a point where I feel satisfied in declaring a minor victory, but it came at the expense of pretty much everything else I was going to do today (no Photoshop fun, no CD burning for [info]mokatz, no mailing CD's, no BOGO Parker Bros./Milton Bradley games at Toys R Us).

Liz had to work (ha!), so in order to take out her frustrations, she came home and ripped out the nasty brown vinyl floor in the half bath. At this point, we just have some cleanup to do, and then maybe we'll start painting this weekend! (I don't have any photos of the destruction, sorry--there wasn't enough room for Liz to get work done if I was in her way taking pictures.)

After Liz crashed for awhile, we went out to catch a late dinner, then came home to watch the first episode of "Chobits," a pretty cute and amusing anime series.

Tomorrow we're running errands, then going to groove on the comic stylings of Bill Cosby in the evening. Hopefully it should all be fun!

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