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How to Watch "24" and Feel Better About Life Afterword

Okay, I'll admit it, I am a "24" junkie. My only problem is that me and my vivid imagination get entirely too drawn into the onscreen events, and I seem to be very affected by the mood, composition, and editing. The average episode leaves me feeling pretty twitchy, and it takes awhile to calm down. But I'm really in trouble when it's a "viewer discretion advised" night, because that generally means graphic torture, and that really, really, really drives me up the wall. (Does this mean I'm getting "too old," or that I just haven't been desensitized enough yet by movies, TV, video games, the evening news, etc.? But I digress...)

So after an hour (condensed to ~40 minutes of intense black karma thanks to TiVo) of having my skin crawl, my stomach knot up, and getting all shaky and cold sweaty, how does one recover enough sanity and composure to, I don't know, sleep through the night?

The answer, friends, is an immediate infusion of Totoro, and I mean stat!

Nothing washes away visions of disturbing graphic violence like Mei falling asleep on Totoro's belly, or Satsuki giving Totoro the extra umbrella at the bus stop, or of the two kids raising and flying around a giant camphor tree with the help of these fuzzy forest spirits while Dad burns the midnight oil, oblivious to the scene outside. Even cute little kids love Totoro!

Ahhh, that feels better already. Now you give it a try.

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