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Remainder of the Night

After installing the new light, it was time for a little TV catch-up.

First was the "Today vs. Iron Chef" segment that I had TiVo'ed this morning. The Today folks had set up a tent pavilion in the plaza, constructing therein a morning-show replica of hallowed Kitchen Stadium. This morning's contest pitted Al Roker against Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, truly a battle of epic proportions. The very tight time limit of eight minutes seemed to throw Morimoto off a little bit toward the end. Although the battle was fierce, and Roker an admirable challenger, Morimoto did not disappoint, eking out a victory with his superior presentation.

Next was last night's Daily Show, and I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long, long time. Jon was in excellent form as he covered the admittedly now day-old Iraq news. I was delighted to discover that the rumor I'd heard was in fact true -- there was a segment mocking my parent company, American Greetings, and its line of patriotic "come back safe" cards. And it only got better from there, for the guest of the evening was none other than Dennis Miller. Say what you will about his obscure references that only stuffy intellectuals and people who stayed awake in class will understand, the man taps directly into my sense of humor and makes me laugh until it hurts. And hurt I did! Already this was ranking close to the top of my list of favorite Daily Show installments, somewhere in the neighborhood of the pig masturbating segment and John Cleese's visit from the Kilborn days, and possibly slightly above the better "Indecision 2000" bits with Bob Dole. Just when I thought it couldn't hurt any more, that's when it was time for Lewis Black. What a whopper of a show! It concluded with the best Moment of Zen I'd seen in quite some time, video of Iraqi men kissing a US flag that was emblazoned with the sweaty image of Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion. Over and over, the men kissed Rocky, and their kisses were strewn about his muscular armpits and turgid nipples. Truly, this was an inspired 30 minutes of television. If there is a God, this guarantees that He has a sense of humor.

After that, we both realized we were hungry, so I took Liz out to El Tango Taqueria to celebrate our lighting victory. The food, as always, was marvelous, and full of superlative description, which I shall spare you the agony of enduring. I did eat all of my beans though, so I'd suggest being cautious in my vicinity for a while.

Once back home, we wrapped up the evening with the final episode of "Serial Experiments Lain," which was about as odd and not-quite-satisfying as I had expected it to be. Throughout the entire series, it's more about raising philosophical and existential questions than it is about having a gripping plot, and at least the end was... uh.. consistent. :-) But I am glad to have finally seen it all, so I can think about it and try to appreciate it.

Tomorrow we are off to look at a tile and stone place, and then to look at cabinetry. The adventure continues!

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