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Up Up Up the Ziggurat!

We slept in, which was nice after all that wine last night, then ran around to do some errands. We bought a birthday gift for niece Christine, and I was unable to resist the first season of "Red Dwarf" on DVD. Bought some groceries. Talked to Don out in California. Went to home depot.

Here are the best pictures from today's adventures in home improvement:

Had a nice chat with my parents. Ironically, they have also acquired replacement lighting fixtures from Home Depot, and will have them installed sometime this spring.

After all that exertion, Liz napped while I watched a preview episode of Rah'Xephon (dammit, I hate when new anime is cool; this one looks like it's worth collecting).

[info]aquamindy made the best dinner out of "in-the-house" stuff -- chicken apple sausage with spiced apple couscous and broccoli, paired with the leftover high-acid sauvignon blanc from last night's tasting. As much as some people thought it smelled "like feet" -- and no, I'm not going to let that comment go ;-) -- it was a really good bottle, and it was fabulous with dinner.

Had a little bit of "Six Feet Under," and now it's time to check in on email and LiveJournal, pay some bills, watch an episode of "Lain," then have another week at work.

My entire company is supposed to be going to the Jacobs Field opening game of the Indians... Except that the weather suggests that it might snow three inches, and be rainy, and super windy, so somehow I think it might be less of a reward than it was intended to be.

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