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Wine Tasting 2

Tonight's wine tasting party was "Drink Your Words, Part One," specifically focusing on the concepts of dry/sweet and acidic/not-so-acidic. We all crammed into Karla's kitchen in her apartment in the third floor of a Cleveland Heights house and proceeded to taste. Dry/sweet was illustrated by a dry reisling and a sweet reisling, and the high and low acid contrast by two different sauvignon blancs. Everyone liked the reislings, especially the sweet one, and (to my dismay) most people made fun of/did not enjoy the sauvignon blancs, which were accused of smelling "like feet." Granted, the acidic sauvignon blancs can smell rather diesely, and they do take a bit of getting used to, but they really weren't as bad as people made them out to be. Really, they were quite enjoyable -- but then again I have been drinking a lot of sauvignon blancs lately, so I am used to them, and we definitely did not have the right munchies to make them "wow" people.

But we all had a good time drinking wine, playing with the molten brie, and chattering about embarassing stories and the disturbing and bizarre fates of people we'd once known, so it was all fine. Being super tired and tipsy at the same time made me extra goofy, but I only had my talking privileges taken away twice, so I think I did okay overall.

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