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Minor Victories

I moved the DeskJet to my side of the office, connected it to my iMac (which is on more often than anything on the other side of the room, and got printer sharing working with Liz's Powerbook (which turned out to take no effort whatsoever, rather delightfully).

I tweaked some symbolic links on my iMac, and now my SliMP3 can correctly see my iTunes playlists. This means I don't have to use the slow web interface to the SliMP3 to build playlists, which is a total improvement.

I downloaded Hydra on both Macs here, and I am completely in love with it. It uses Apple's Rendezvous networking technology to allow multiple users to collaboratively edit the same document(s) in real-time. Like all good Mac stuff, it "just works," and is truly a brilliant application. Major kudos!

Last night we watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," which was cute, and certainly the right price -- free, using a "guaranteed in stock" rain check.

Liz is on her way home, though, and I am going to be in big trouble if I'm not all showered and dressed by the time she gets here... So I've gotta scoot!

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