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Tidings of the Morning Post

I received an envelope from my mom in this morning's mail. Inside was a clipping from their local newspaper, and a post-it with a quick note from Mom. The headline on the newsprint is "Serving In Our Place," and it's accompanied by the head shots of the young men and women of southwest Colorado who are currently serving in the armed services. My mom's note pointed me to a particular photograph, of one Benjamin Fiala, a schoolmate of mine from kindergarten all the way through high school graduation. We'd never gotten along as kids (we were both pretty rotten to each other), but by the time high school was nearing and end, we'd managed to establish a level of respect for one another, and parted on good terms.

This photograph in the newspaper was the first time I've heard anything about him in eight years. And there in the sidebar was the caption, designating his current position: Officer Candidate School, Marine Corps., Quantico, Virginia. It took awhile before I could really believe it. But now that I do, I am damn impressed.

Ben, I'm sorry I was such a jerk to you. You've turned out all right. Give 'em hell, and come back safe.

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