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Miyazaki Sensei, Arigato!

Just back from seeing Spirited Away for my second time. The brand new print was quite lovely, and it was a treat to see the film on a bigger screen, with nicer chairs. You know, in what most people would call "a real movie theatre." And even though I had already seen the film before, it was just as moving and delightful as ever. We went next door to the theate for pizza afterword, and it wasn't until halfway through our meal when the radio said something about Iraq that I realized I hadn't given the war, or SARS, or any other current events a moment of thought in at least two or three hours. That's when I really understood what an amazing series of gifts Miyazaki has given to the world. And so, rather humbly, though on behalf of all of us, I would simply like to say... Thanks.

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