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Yesterday (and This Morning)

So yesterday pretty much rocked for me, and to some extent this morning is continuing to rock. Why the good mood, you ask? Allow me to elaborate; let's kick it, list-style yo:

  • We've had nice weather the past couple of days. The sunshine makes a big difference to me. Too bad it's probably going to snow on Sunday, but I guess I'll find a way to cope.
  • At the company all-hands meeting, it was revealed that at least so far, we are ahead of plan on several significant metrics, so that's good. Even better is that we recently passed 2 million paid subscribers, and to celebrate, The Powers That Be are taking us all out to opening day at Jacobs Field! (Of course, being outside in Cleveland in early April might be a little chilly... But it's still cool!)
  • Almost immediately after the all-hands, Dave and I presented our design document to The Powers That Be in the tech group (so the CIO, VP of website development, head of webops group, tech lead who semi-manages me now, and the senior webops guy). I had done most of the document preparation, I pretty much took the lead and drove the presentation, walking everyone through it, and taking questions along the way. Thankfully, it went really well, and over the course of the afternoon, I received a number of very nice compliments from everyone who was there. Of course, the ones that mean the most were from Bruce, our CIO, who is one tough cookie. Impressing Bruce is not an easy task, so I am feeling pretty giddy about that.
  • At our weekly developer meeting, I broached the subject of starting a code review process, since it is one of my goals for my mid-year review. (I think it's funny that we're half way to the mid-year review, and we just now have established what all we will be evaluated on.) Overall, people seemed open to the idea, and it didn't go over totally badly, so I'm considering that to be a minor victory as well.
  • Liz was down in the dumps last night, but we had framing to go pick up, so I managed to coax her to come with me and go out to dinner. We picked up the framing first; it's a new Chilly Willie cel (a model sheet actually, showing him at various turns) that she had bought on eBay, and the place we went to did a great job.
  • Liz had a craving for Greek, so we went to a new-to-us place (whose name eludes me) over in Lakewood. Had some flaming cheese (yum!). Had some tasty dinners. Split a dessert. But the highlight was the Greek wine (which I can neither spell nor pronounce nor even remember the name of, since Liz ordered it) that Liz picked out. It was a dark, dark, dark red, almost black, but it was deceptively so, since it drank somewhat like a smooth merlot, not anywhere as agressive a flavor as I had expected. It was delightfully wonderful, and I will definitely be back for more!
  • Good West Wing last night. Not very serious, which was a nice break. Very, very funny.
  • This morning, while I was getting water in the break room, Bruce came in and gave me a second helping of praise about yesterday's presentation, the design doc, and all my work on my insane project of doom from last fall. Damn, it feels nice to be recognized every now and then. :-)

This afternoon I get to do a less technical version of yesterday's presentation, basically to try to get the head of our UI group and one of our business types to understand what we're getting at, and to give it the green light. I believe Bruce will be preparing an English translation for them, so hopefully it will all go smoothly.

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