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Now, about the car weirdness... This is better as a list, so:

  1. Back in late November, my traction control light came on a couple of times while I was driving, and not in a good way. It came on in a way that says, "Hi, I'm your traction control system, and I'll be taking a little nap for awhile since I think I've been switched off, and there's not a goddamn thing you can do about it, mm-kay!" Since then, it's come on about every two or three weeks, staying lit and refusing to bow to my pressing of the little button on the dashboard. It usually seemed to come up shortly after I'd started up in the morning, or immediately as I started up, but it has come on a couple times while driving. It doesn't seem to depend on time, nor temperature, nor speed, nor any kind of variation in how I've turned the key, etc. But of course, since it's sporadic, it means the dealership can't figure it out.
  2. My driver's side windshield wiper sucks! It clears the crap off of everywhere except a 6 inch by 4 inch rectangle directly in front of where my eyes would look through the windshield. It's a good thing I at least remembered to buy new blades today when I was picking up my car from it's 10,000 mile scheduled maintenance. Maybe I'll even remember to install them, unlike the blades I got for my Saturn that sat in the back of my car for, what, a year?
  3. In the last month or so, it's sounded/felt like it's starting up kind of rough and wheezily in the mornings. Of course, it acted fine at the shop today.
  4. Yesterday when I was coming back from an errand, the engine was somewhat unwilling to start. It would mostly get there, then kind of cough and stop, and the angry little battery light lit up. It took me a few tries to get it to start cleanly, and even that required giving it a little gas to coax it along. Of course, it acted fine going to the shop today, at the shop today, and on the way home.

So the dealership probably thinks I'm crazy. The lady really jumped on me when I said, "I've been hearing a lot about the coilpack issues online, is there any chance that I might be seeing signs of that here?" She really let me have it about "the problem only affect[ing] the turbos" and that VW "is not doing a recall", so they wouldn't even consider it. This was despite the fact that the mechanic standing next to her at the time said, "The coils go bad on the VR6 too, but it's mostly on the turbos." Oh well. They are usually pretty nice over there in the service department, so I'll let it slide on account of how much shit their customers must be giving them about it. From what I have read online, it sounds like it's a corporate nightmare for VW right now.

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