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Whoopee, a Weekend! (And Post-Weekend Badness)

In rather stark contrast to the vibe I am feeling about this coming week (thanks to my addiction to Google News), the weekend was most excellent.

Friday, the weather started to flirt with being nice, and on Saturday it decided to capitulate and be full-blown fabulous. We're talking first-rate sunshine and blue skies here. Damn nice. It was only hampered by the fact that I was coming down with a head cold, and my lovely wife ordered me to stay in bed and rest. After half a a day of lolling around in bed, alternately reading Dealers of Lightning and watching Monsters, Inc.., watching everyone else having a good time out in the sun, I got fed up enough to get out of bed, get cleaned up, and gorge myself on nachos.

Feeling much better, I went out to run errands. The record store was out of the new Gary Numan CD, but I found a copy of the original two-disc Random (a cool Numan tribute) for $15, so that was a no-brainer. I also picked up a Peter Murphy CD that hadn't yet found its way to my collection, and I bought the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album, Nocturama. (I finally got the chance to start listening to these tonight, and so far Nocturama kicks ass. I thought I might be in the mood for Nick Cave, and it turns out I was right. Good stuff!) At the grocery store, I bought crackers for the evening's festivities. A quick stop at CompUSA procured an 802.11b bridge for the family room, to hopefully resolve Liz's flaky connections in that room. I rounded out the journey with a visit to the car wash, and now my baby is all shiny and beautiful again, much to my delight.

Saturday night we had our first wine tasting party. We lined up six glasses for each of us, and poured riesling, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon into each in turn. It was a really valuable and educational experience, quite interesting to taste and smell each wine in comparison to its neighbors. And we quite happily discovered that the small variety of cheeses and munchies in the house had specially magic combinations with particular wines, which was a delicious bonus to the evening.

The weather on Sunday was even better, so while Liz cleaned the garage, I fought off my congestion by raking leaves that had spent the winter frozen under heaps of snow and ice. I could very quickly feel a sigh of thanks from the lawn, so I consider it to be a satisfactory job. We ran around and did some errands, then to my surprise, Liz finally got me to admit that it would be a lovely day to buy me a bike. So we did. The only problem is that when the dealer installed her bike rack, they neglected to actually give her the keys necessary to attach a bike to it. So, my bike will be cooling its little bike jets for a day or two longer until we get that dealt with. [info]gieves told me today that I should just ride it home, but acquiesed when I told her how hard it has been for me to breathe today (stupid cold), and that I have only been on a bike twice in the last ten years. Besides, she drank too much on Saturday night, what does she know? (Just kidding, please don't hurt me.)

Today, very little happened at work, which has given me too much time to read the news as we slide recklessly into war. I think it will be all right in the short-term, that Saddam's army will be a relative pushover, and that something needs to happen to end the oppressive failure of the current containment/sanctions regime. My problem is that I read too much. I think too much. I think about the long-term effects of marching relentlessly into conflict with and indefinitely occupying an oil-rich nation in a part of the world that was uncomfortable with us just for daring to put MTV on air. I really fear that by walking around with a chip on our national shoulder, looking to pick a fight, the West has played directly into Bin Laden's hand, and that we risk polarizing the world into a greater conflict than any of us had bargained for.

Oh well. Time to just pretend that it will all be okay, and pray for us all.

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