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Stupid Adventures With Web Browsers

So I was all excited yesterday that Mozilla 1.3 was final, and I installed it at work. Love it. Couldn't wait to upgrade at home, which I did just a bit ago.

I can't help but think that the MacOS X build of 1.3 has some problems. I don't mind that the splash screen is strangely absent (though it makes me wonder if it's even starting at all), but it seems weird that the ability to install new themes is totally broken. Now, since I hate both the default "Modern" theme as well as the crusty old "Classic" theme, this is a huge issue for me. I don't run OS X so that my browser can piss me off by looking stupid, or old and ugly (the latter specfically annoys me).

Too bad I uninstalled my existing themes, thinking that I might have to reinstall them, since it means I just lost the cool Aqua theme, which probably got cease-and-desisted out of existance by Apple's legal department. Which is a shame, because it makes Mozilla look faily nice, and integrates nicely with the OS X Aqua "look," which I am quite fond of. It's probably the only Mozilla theme that doesn't look dumb on a Mac. I don't want my browser to look like Windows XP, or IE, and I don't want my browser to look like a Gnome/KDE wars refugee. I want it to look like it belongs on a Mac. It needs to be sexy!

I would really like Safari, except that there are no tabs, the cookie management is totally inferior to Mozilla, and it has some pretty serious cookie and rendering engine bugs. I almost like Camino (formerly Chimera) enough to use it, but it doesn't have quite as much dominion over cookies as Mozilla does. And I'm not using IE; you can't make me.

So, I downgraded to Mozilla 1.2.1, and started looking for a suitable theme to keep me from being totally morose over my loss of AquaMoz. Finally, I think I found a reasonable substitute in this one, PimpZilla. (Sorry for the PDF vs. a more traditional image format -- it's what OS X saves its screen captures as.)

I have to say... I think I could get used to this. The leopard skin and shag look definitely fits for a web browser! :-)

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