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Since we took care of all the birthday festivities a week ago, today feels like only a barely merry unbirthday. I am tuckered out from getting in late last night. Tomorrow is going to be a hassle picking up Grandma's clock (I have to be in Richfield at nine -- ugh!). And the week just sort of looks blah from here.

Oh well.

So I'm officially 26 now. One year closer to the big 30. One year closer to my somewhat arbitrarily imposed "start having kids" age of 28. And it's weird, because I know I want to have kids, eventually, but I don't know if I want "eventually" to be so damn soon. Am I ever going to feel responsible enough to be a father? Am I ever going to figure out what I want to do with my life? Am I ever going to get my proverbial shit together?

Tick... Tock...

(I guess it didn't help that Six Feet Under started its new season the other night.)

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